Herbal Tea

Ar'Tisane has selected the best of organic herbal teas for you !

Weather they are cultivated in Eastern (for the mixed plants or natural plants) North (chicory) or other regions of France (tea bags), all plants are certified organic.

We love the bright colors of the dried plant leaves and flowers, preserved by a meticulous artisanal handwork from cultivating to drying, as well as hand picking. All those steps garanty herbal teas of incomparable quality.


  • Mixed plants

    Comforting, delightful, ultimate old home-remedies... for thousand of years, organic mixed plants have been the best allies of our well-being.

    Their colors and scents transport us through the seasons and landscapes. Cleverly elaborated, synergies help us go through our daily challenges : a good night sleep, a better digestion, relieving a soar throat or simply relax... at Ar'Tisane each need has its mixed plants! Carefully produced using a traditional process, all our loose herbal tea leaves are from France and certified organic. 

  • Natural plants

    Organic loose natural plants can be used in herbal teas for your health routine, or added to your own homemade mix, depending on your inspiration! All natural plants from Ar'Tisane are cultivated, harvested and dried in Eastern France

    Certified organic, they are the result of an entirely artisanal process, a garanty for plants with preserved virtues and flavours, of an exceptional quality.

  • Tea bags

    Organic herbal tea bags, super useful! Ar'Tisane has selected tea bags from the french brand Biohême, so you can stock up on French made infusions

    Small priced and easy to bring anywhere with you, to the office or on the go! 

  • Chicory

    For over 3000 years, chicory has been used as a medicinal plant for its purgative and digestive virtues. Since a few hundred years ago, roasting has allowed to combine business and pleasure and give it a unique toasted flavour, close to coffee. 

    At Ar'Tisane, chicory is not old-fasioned!

    Especially when it's organic and cultivated in France. An intense dark infusion develops powerful flavours, reminding us of coffee and caramel,  with no caffeine. You can drink it all day without moderation, just for the pleasure but also for its numerous virtues : naturally purgative, known for its benefits for a good intestinal flora, it also protects your stomach.

    Find our selection below, natured or flavoured for the gourmet... 

  • Fruisanes

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